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Workhorse for a reasonable price

The MWM SPARTAN EV range means more powerful, eco and quiet 4×4.

MWM SPARTAN EV perfectly describes this range of hard working, practical, minimalist, affordable & easy to fix vehicles. The range is designed for customers abandoned by large car manufacturers. Real 4×4 enthusiasts, the agricultural community, forestry workers, extreme activity fans & under-ground mining companies care about rugged, raw performance, not fancy interiors or accessories.

Not everyone wants a high cost, high maintenance stallion. Some people need a workhorse, built for traversing all-terrain overcoming any obstacles in the harshest of conditions. The MWM SPARTAN EV range fills this niche.

from €39,900



The power of 120 kW will get you anywhere you need. The only limit could be a tread pattern of your tires.


Fill up your batteries up to 80% during your lunch break.


262 km in one charge – that should be sufficient for your business in the wild. 


It can bring back up to 60 kW to batteries. 

Nothing will stop you

Wherever you go, MWM SPARTAN EV will always manage. Crossing a stream or going up a steep mountain road? As we said: Nothing will stop you!

Get off the road and see that MWM SPARTAN EV makes the most of its four-wheel drive system.

Equally distributed torque between the front and rear axles. Ideal for slippery roads or off-road driving.

100% torque goes to the rear axle which saves fuel.


Explore the car from all angles and don’t miss any detail.


Find out all the important information before you go.

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