MWM SPARTAN EV basics data

Dimensions4 100 × 1 730 × 2 025 mm (L × W × H)
Wheel base2 380 mm
Front/rear track1 465 / 1 465 mm
Road clearance210 mm
Fording depth500 mm
Weight of vehicle1 966 kg
Towing capacity2 500 kg
Max load capacityOn roads – 550 kg / Terrain – 336 kg
Maximum speed130 km/h
Range240 km
Drive line configuration2WD High , 4WD High, 4WD Low
Wheel drivePart-time 4WD
Seating capacity5
Front BrakesDisc brakes
Rear BrakesDdrum brakes, hydraulic double circuit brake with vacuum booster
Parking BrakeMechanical
Front suspensionCoil suspension with the stabilizer bar
Rear suspensionOn two longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs
Tyres225/75 R16
Rear end ratioi=4,625


Synchronous Motor, AC Motor

Maximum output 120 kW
Fuse and/or circuit breaker Fuse 200 A / DC
Power wiring harness  CY 1 × 50 mm2
Manual / Automatic Transmission Automatic / posibility to use 5 speed shifting in idle state
Transfer gearbox 2 speed / mechanical


High Cycle Life Batteries

Battery case 1-3 battery cases
Batteries 28 × 3P4S (414,4 V/150 Ah)
Indication of all types of electrochemical 3,7 V 50 Ah Lithium -ion
Maximum working voltage 492,8 V
Capacity 62,16 kWh

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