Synchronous Motor, AC Motor

The drive motor is PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor). Electric power is 120 kW and offers great acceleration and smooth thrust.

The motor is a water-cooled structure and the water jacket has an inlet and outlet pipe. The cooling flow is 8~10 l/min and the cooling system is shared with the MCU.

Thanks to the instantaneous torque of 600 Nm, it will drive dynamically and smoothly as well as very quietly.


High cycle life batteries

We used lithium-ion battery cells. MWM SPARTAN EV has a capacity of 63 kW/h (492 V). The cells will be connected in the 3P4S system. They are designed to take as little space as possible. The batteries are stored in metal and waterproof packaging and whole the car is capable of wading.

We placed the main battery pack under the rear seats and at the back of the car. Two other smaller battery packs replaced original fuel tanks on the sides of the car.

Regenerative braking

As well as other electric vehicles, Luka EV In-wheel, Luka EV Traditional and MWM SPARTAN EV can harness the power when braking. Being able to store the kinetic energy is a crucial element for us when we consider sustainability. For you, it means a longer mileage range or the possibility to power AC or heating without wasting electricity. The car is able to put power back to the batteries by recuperation and save brake linings at the same time. There will be 3 simple settings available: motorway, rural and city.


No vanity. Only hardcore worker.

When you want to focus on hard work and you don’t need any fancy displays, lights or buttons. MWM SPARTAN EV embodies minimalistic yet effective design.

This bumper withstands the harshest environment. Tested.

A full-sized spare wheel waits under the hood in case of need.

Colours available


Dark green




Dark grey mettalic


Black mettalic


Handles even muddy wellies.

No other words describe MWM SPARTAN EV better – austere design. Everything about this car is simple and functional.

Small and robus steering wheel for smooth driving.

Absolutely clear & well-arranged dashboard.

Mechanical and easy-to-use window opening and locking.

Back seats offer enough space.

For transportation of large-size cargo fold down the rear seats completely.


For true adventurers

Don’t get caught by extreme conditions. You can fit your MWM SPARTAN EV with the necessary equipment to overcome any difficulty. Everything is tested in the harshest conditions and is verified by certificates.

Front reinforced bumper is ready to be equipped with winch, additional lights and can be used with a jack.

Warn winch provides unmatched durability, performance, and style.

Ladder and roof rack will extend the capacity of the cargo. Take whatever you need with you.

Reinforced running boards with two crossbeams are durable enough to keep the fully loaded and bogged down car during lifting by a jack.

If you feel the ride just doesn’t seem right, our tyre pressure monitor can provide an easy solution.

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