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By participating in the test drive, the driver agrees to abide by all terms and conditions set out by MW Motors.

All drivers must be 25 years or over and held a valid, current full UK drivers’ licence for more than 3 years. Have no more than 3 penalty points accrued in the last 3 years. Have no disqualifications in the last 5 years and have no prosecution or police enquiry pending for any conviction. Are required to present all driving licences before the beginning of the test drive and agree to these driving licences being copied for identification purposes. No responsibility is accepted by MW Motors under this agreement for any personal effects or belongings left in the Demonstration Vehicle and lost or damaged during the test drive. The driver is liable for any penalty fine or fixed penalty in relation to offences committed in respect of during the test drive, any parking fine or charges, any congestion charges, any traffic fines or charges and any other charges or fines. Any penalty charges incurred by MW Motors will be subject to an administration charge and will be recharged to the driver.

Registration for test drives will start soon. Keep in touch.

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